G3 Officina Meccanica - nuovo e ricostruito
Rebuilding, as intended and done by G3 Srl, is a very different process from what normally named as extraordinary maintenance, revamping, refurbishment or others.

We fully dismantle the machine in all its mechanical components, without leaving a single piece assembled to another, and then deeply analyzing one by one from the smallest and ''insignificant'' one (a simple pin) to the largest one (a rotor) for defining if that single component can be used as it is, rebuilt or needs to be made new.

Since any machine can stop for a failure even of a smallest part, this way is the only way for guaranteeing the mechanical part in every aspect same as a brand new machine. All other electrical (we do not save a single fuse), hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication parts are brand new.

G3 Officina Meccanica - ricostruito prima e dopo

Our guarantee

All machines rebuilt by G3 are guaranteed identically same as a new machine in terms of performances, reliability and duration. Additionally they are supplied complete with CE Declaration, all Safety devices in line with latest regulations in force at the time of delivery, Use and Instruction Manuals.