Thanks to the take-over of the ITALMEC brand in 2005, G3 has been able to consolidate its know-how in the design, construction and maintenance of machinery for the rubber industry.

Since 1953 ITALMEC has been appreciated by national and international customers for the quality of its machines and the high level of offered service and spare parts.

The winning combination between ITALMEC’s experience in machinery construction and G3’s experience in rebuilding and maintenance created a centre of excellence able to meet the growing global demand for high performance machinery in terms of production and efficient solutions for maintenance.

Internal Mixer

The G3 internal mixer, ITM-T type (tangential) ITM-CV type (intermeshing with variable clearance) ITM-C type (intermeshing with fixed clearance) is a high-performance machine manufactured with technical solutions able to guarantee reliability and efficient maintenance.

The production range in terms of size of these type of mixers goes from 15 to 440 litres, while for the internal laboratory mixers (both tangential and intermeshing) we have sizes ranging from 1.5 to 5.5 litres.

The internal mixers are also equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic hoppers according to customer requirements. All our hoppers use Powder Free technology, which allows the extreme reduction of powder losses in the loading area and on the ram rod, making this hopper the one with the highest production performance on the market.

In addition, all our internal mixers are supplied with the relevant electrical control panels both for the motor and for the control of the mixer itself through PLC and PC supervision and control systems, all in compliance with the modern parameters of Industry 4.0.

Open mill

The G3 open mill mixer has been developed to meet the needs of the market for compactness and reliability. In fact, our NGC series with dimensions from 250x500mm (10 “x20”) up to 810x2540mm (32 “X100”) is the compact series with pendant gearmotors. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we are also able to supply versions with external motorisation (both electromechanical and hydraulic). All the proposed machines are always in compliance with all relevant EU standards, mostly in terms of safety.

The rolls can be both peripheral and central boring, and all open mills are equipped with command and control systems via PLC and PC supervision and control systems and all of them are in compliance with modern Industry 4.0 parameters.

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