Historical know-how
since 1953
G3 Officina Meccanica - nuovo e ricostruito
Thanks to the takeover of ITALMEC brand in 2005, G3 made stronger its know-how in designing, manufacturing and service of machines and lines for rubber industry.

Since 1953 ITALMEC is appreciated by their Customers, both in Italy and in the world, for the high quality of its machines and for the high level of Service provided in terms of assistance and spare parts.

By integrating the solid ITALMEC know-how in machines manufacturing with G3 experience in rebuilding and service, was born a centre of excellence responding to the growing global demand for machinery with high performance in terms of production and efficient solutions in terms of maintenance.
G3 Officina Meccanica - nuovo macchinario G3 Officina Meccanica - nuovo macchinario