G3 Officina Meccanica - nuovo e ricostruito

We G3 have grown

Started in October 2015, civil works for the expansion of G3 headquarters have been recently fully completed. Since months Office building was fully operative but also the new part of the workshop (with a 40 ton overhead crane and an hydraulic platform for managing and locating large size machines) is now finished in all its aspects. All visitors, which G3 had so far, have very much liked "New G3", as somebody named it, and some of them, who had not visited G3 yet, stated "G3 is a beautiful company".


In January 2016 G3 delivered, installed and started up the first REBUILT and GUARANTEED Batch-Off in their history. This job represented a big step showing that, even for a machine normally considered "not worthy for rebuilding" (due to a very contained money saving with respect to a new machine), the experience by G3 allowed their Customer a result both economically interesting and of high quality since fully equivalent in all aspects to a brand NEW machine.


At the beginning of January 2016, G3 delivered, installed and started up the Open Mill 850x2540 for PARKER. This machine, even if sold as REBUILT and GUARANTEED, in reality is using only one roll of the original machine; all other mechanical parts (baseplate, end frames, gera reducer, front roll peripherally drilled, stockblender, cutting group), electrical (2 x AC 250 kW main motors with frequency converters, control HW and SW, wiring on board and safety devices), pneumatic and hydraulic (hydraulic unit and cylinders for roll movement, lubrication...) were BRAND NEW. This machine, based on both world class Customer and satisfaction of the same, confirms the capability by G3 for producing new equipment based on their rebuilding experince and know-how, than expanded and improved, aquired with the ITALMEC brand in 2005.

Plast 2015

In may 2015 G3 Srl exhibited for the 4th time in PLAST exhibition in Milan. Visitors were vey much interested in the exposed machine (tangential internal mixer PX80) rebuilt for a Russian Customer and completed with NEW hyadraulic hopper/ram assembly based on G3 design and one side replaced by a transparent plexiglas sheet for showing the internal mixing chamber.