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G3 Officina Meccanica - nuovo e ricostruito
For all mechines, which G3 are rebuilding and rebuilt in the past, by many different OEM, the process of reverse engineering (measurement and re-design of ech machine component) allows to provide all their Customers with any spare of a.m. machines at very competitive conditions with respect to OEM in terms of both delivery time and purchasing price.


The same applies to all machines for which G3 is doing and did in the past maintenance interventions so increasing the already wide range of spares G3 can supply to their Customers. It is also possible to agree with companies or groups on production of strategic spares to be kept in stock by G3 and to be purchased, when needed, by one of the plants in order to manage in the msot efficient and effective way ordinary (planned) and extraordinary (emergencies) maintenance interventions
G3 Officina Meccanica - ricambi

Ordinary maintenance

G3 Srl with more than 30 years of experience, transferred by Ceasre Gagliardi to his sons Pierluigi and Pierpaolo and then expanded and enriched by them, in maintenance of rubber machinery, is always a partner for their Customers for any intervention of ordinary maintenance like, for example, change of dust stop seals, change of calender rolls, check of machines status and suggestions on how to improve efficiency and productivity, ...

All a.m. activities can be made based on different times and different needs either in team with Customer's maintenance personnel or independently by G3 people, in case maintenance people are busy on other issues. In the first case, to the specific intervention are added training activities for Customer's maintenance people by G3 techinicians with the aim of improving their independence.
G3 Officina Meccanica - manutenzione

Extraordinary maintenance

In case of emergency (for example a broken rotor on an internal mixer) the most important thing is the response time and the capability to arrange people and parts for understanding the problem, to procure what needed, to complete the intervention and so to allow Customer to restart production in the shortest possible time. The great flexibility of Technical and Service strcture in G3 in many occasions allowed our Customers to solve their emergencies in a time not even conceivable by larger structures of OEM, whose planning is more often a problem than a solution i such ''extreme'' situations, as they are normally proposing a response time based on weeks instead of days or hours like G3.

Are considered extraordinary maintenance as well installation and start-up od equipment delivered both by G3 and other manufacturers, replacement of machines and complete lines, retrofit of machinery for having it in accordance to actual regulations(mainly but not only, for Safety), change of spare parts, grinding of rolls for Open Mills and Calenders as well as many other types of interventions.
G3 Officina Meccanica - manutenzione