Ethics of a job
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G3 Officina Meccanica - nuovo e ricostruito
We G3 are one of the very few companies in rubber and, more specifically, mixing room machinery having internally both product lines, rebuilt machines and new machines.

Thanks to this co-existence, we have a cross fertilisation which allows a differentiation and a success factor. In fact, on one hand our know-how in maintenance and rebuilding allows us to improve new machines; on the other hand, design and manufacturing of new machines allows us to rebuid following a structured and monitored process while supplying always state of the art technologies.

Seriously rebuilding a machine

In line with our history, let's start from rebuilt machines. We G3 are convinced that rebuilding machines is ETHIC, because environmental friendly, and rebuilding in an ETHIC way means offering to end user a product perfectly equivalent to a new machine. After years of use, machinery efficiency and, even more serious, safety gets much lower but not always moving to new machineries, in conjunction with abandoning, in close or open warehouse, of obsolete equipment, is the only viable possibility. We disassemble, clean and deeply check every single mechanical component, from largest to smallest, for deciding if we can use it as it is, rebuild it or we need to make it new. Only by operating in this meticolous way allows us to guarantee a rebuilt machine identically as a new one. All electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic parts are brand new.
G3 Officina Meccanica - ricostruire

Rebuilding know-how

We G3 as of today rebuilt more than 100 types of different machines and we developped from such an experience our own know-how also in terms of reverse engineeringon machines we are rebuilding in order to be cacapable of supporting our Customers by ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, spare parts supply with an additional money saving advantage with respect to what offered by OEM.
G3 Officina Meccanica - ricostruire
Our capability of distinguishing between what we can keep/rebuild/change is what can guarantee to our Customer needed reliability at a more competitive price with respect to a new machine. Together with a.m. capability we also offer the advantage that while rebuilding a machine we can make a number of upgradings that make the final product better and state of the art compared to the original machine when new.

Possible rebuilding scenarios

G3 Officina Meccanica - scenari di ricostruzione
For each of these cases, the number of abandoned rusty and dusty equipment doesn't increase and so, when cooperating with a serious, professional and reliable partner as G3, concepts like REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE are ethically (and economically) applied also to machinery for compound mixing.

Moving to new machines, which we G3 strted producing after taking over in 2005 brand and know-how of ITALMEC, the same concepts apply when developing each single machine perfectly in line with specific needs of each single Customer in order to achieve a full satisfaction by the end user.

Both for rebuilt and new machines, the strongest confirmation of our ETHIC way of working for both product lines is given not only by having Customers from worldwide groups, for tire as well as Rubber Technical Goods manufacturers, to companies of any size but also, and most impoirtant, by the fact that all of them are repetitive Customers that, after knowing and experiencing our ETHICS, are all loyal Customers of ours.