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G3 Officina Meccanica - nuovo e ricostruito
G3 Officina Meccanica - ricostruire We G3 had been requested by a Customer for a tangential mixer for replacing one of their two 160 liter tangential mixers in production, if possible by increasing production capacity. Initially the interest was for a 240 liter tangential mixer and machine sfor completing the line: two rebuilt 660x2140 Open Mills complete with stockblender and skip hoist.

After duly considering with G3 all aspects not only of installed power and outline dimensions but also of ''limited'' features of a tangential mixer in reducing the number of mixing steps while still keeping an high flexibility, our Customer decides for an intermeshing mixer and inquiries for such a machine by different OEM (including G3), with variable orfixed clerance, both new and rebuilt.

G3 succeeds in finding by a foreign Customer a VIC215 ... and the adventure takes off. A.m. mixer was laying disassembled outside exposed to any weather since years; after the inspection made by G3 people the road looks quite uphill. Strong of our long experiencein rebuilding machines even in worse conditions, we decide to purchase this mixer if not for this Customer, for a future one capable of appreciating the great flexibility offered by a unique mixer like VIC.

As soon as parts are delivered to G3 workshop, the challenge appears to be less hard than when parts where at Customer's site. After having fully disassembled, cleaned, checked and measured every single piece , we can finally prepare a very focused offerfor rebuilding VIC215 mixer body. In fact, original hydraulic hopper, despite its actual conditions and a possible full rebuilding, looks very far from being even comparable to hydraulic hopper based on G3 design, which, after adapting its dimensions to VIC215, fits like a glove on mixer body, as first seen on a 3D drawing and then confirmed after phisically assembly it on rebuikt mixer body.

Other machines or parts for Customer's mixing line, both new (gear reducer, main motor, VIC electrical parts and skip hoist) and rebuilt (2 Open Mills 660x2140 complete with stockblender), do not bother at all technical department and workshop people in G3 since all part of their DNA since many years.

After receiving our Customer's Purchase Order, the process of rebuilding flows with no particular problems and in 6 months time our Customer can attend the pre-acceptance tests in our wrkshop followed by successful shipment, installation and strt-up with full Customer's satisfaction not only for completed job but also for the spirit of partnership with G3 people along all phases of this project.

This adventure, started with many new and unforeseen aspects, ends up in a very ''normal'' way for G3 that adds to his partners this Customer too.